Your new Copenhagen bicycle repper

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YES – my semi racing bike The Black Lightning has been repaired and is ready for bringing me nicely and fast – from Inner City to my home, an approximately 13 miles bicycle ride.

I also had my Lady in Red blogger bicycle in for a makeover. This bicycle from Velorbis is perfect for branding my blog and getting me from A to B in central Copenhagen :)


I had this Beauty cleaned, washed, oiled and spoilt for DKK 499,-. At first I thought oh-how-pricy, but then I thought after all it’s an investment. Just imagine how much money people spend on their cars! And this makeover keeps the Lady in Red young and sparkling…

And guess what: My Bicycle Man offers us in general 10 percent off all makeovers, reparations and products in his entire store! And for a new bicycle goes a rebate of 15-30 percent. The secret word to get this special offer is “CPH BLONDE”…


His shop is located on Nordisk Cykler, Århusgade 97 at Østerbro.




Your new Copenhagen bicycle repper, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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