Yoga at Spoiling my body and my mind

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Buddha bliss copenhagen

Still learning: … in the initial phase of a yoga Bow Pose, building strength and flexibility in the back

A couple of weeks ago I started doing yoga again. It was like seeing an old friend, who you don’t realize how much you have missed. Until you meet the person again!

I have been lucky to discover the most wonderful yoga place. is located in Copenhagen Hellerup, only 6 km/3,7 miles from inner city Copenhagen – easy to get there both by train or car.

Entering Yogafactory is like entering a peaceful and quiet gem. The moment I’m inside the door, my shoulders drop instantly and my entire body starts to relax.

Sweet welcoming entrance

The sign at the entrance is funny – and true:

Funny because it's true

Even inside the class room there’s beauty for your eyes everywhere you look:

Lovely yoga elements

At Yogafactory you can practice the new and popular Aerial yoga with inspiration from New York:

Yogafactory Copenhagen

So far I’ve only been doing traditional yoga at Yogafactory, but I plan on taking an Aerial yoga class in the beginning of the new year.

Bliss at

Lovely organic products from Danish Rudolph Care in the waiting room. And at the restrooms…

Wise words

Wise words, that make you stop and think about how you live your life. Personally the words inspire me to slow down and appreciate all the good in my life, including to start seeing all the good things in my life!

Let’s celebrate life and each other xx

Peace & Love,

Yoga at Spoiling my body and my mind, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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