YES from Velorbis to a Copenhagen Blonde Collection!

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Velorbis-darkbrown Copenhagen


Wheeeee – a dream come true. I just got a YES from fabulous ride-in-style Copenhagen lifestyle brand Velorbis. Going to make the above Velorbis Weekend Travel Bag a CPH Blondish one…

Imagine a feminine version of this beautiful bag, just in the softest red leather.

… a red color, just like the Danish flag – or my Velorbis Dannebrog bicycle, pretty similar to this biky Beauty:

velorbis showroom

Preorder now: For a start we’ll only make a limited edition, so if you want to make sure to get your own copy, you can preorder by sending me an email by clicking right here – just choose Questions for CPH BLONDE.

The bag is hand baggage size, and my plan is not only to use it for traveling, also when heading for the gym. Well, LOL, I’m not heading for the gym any more, just biking and running on my own, besides doing the 8 efficient floor exercises as taught by my personal trainer Anne Bech. Anyways, if I was going to the gym, I definitely would arrive in style, carrying my probably Kari Traa fitness wear (O:

Kari Traa

Haha, so much for all the namedropping, bottom line is I’m looking SO much forward to having my first Copenhagen Blonde Collection, in great companionship with fabulous Velorbis of Copenhagen.

Question for you: What other colors than red would you prefer for such a ladies bag? Please comment this post, I’m curious to know, when/if making it in other colors, too.


Peace & Love,

Ps. Check out the new Velorbis popup shop in Copenhagen Illum (left), entrance from Strøget/Pilestræde.

I’ll be there the next three Thursdays from next week, so please drop by for a chat and maybe a good bargain ;)



YES from Velorbis to a Copenhagen Blonde Collection!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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