Women don’t want to network

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That was the sad – but true – message from the Berlingske Media leadership event last Thursday. My only 15-minutes-step-by was worthwhile. And the facts presented, based on a recent study from the Danish employment ministry have lingered on my mind until now; and now it’s time to release my thoughts on this very blog. Although I had big plans this evening, finishing off reading “The Snowman” by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø…

Oh well, a blogger’s got to do what she’s got to do.

The study reveals most women are not interested in networking. At all. They hurry home from work to spend time with their family. No offense, that’s a good deed. But if you want to succeed and climb the career ladder you need to prioritize at least some time for building connections – outside your job.

However, there’s a certain time women do want to network: When they want to get a new job. According the survey the women have read papers and magazines saying that networking is – yes, a worthwhile investment for your career. So HR-managers watch out for women-suddenly-networking…;)

When I say I think it’s sad women don’t join the wonders of networking, it’s due to 3 reasons:

  1. They miss out on getting to know – although sometimes just briefly – SO many wonderful and interesting people
  2. They have more trouble than networkers in finding a new and exciting job. ps. I have during the last year used my LinkedIn network to help 3 persons in my business network getting a new job
  3. They miss out on perfect opportunities to train their personal and social skills

… and the good thing about networking is: Less can be more too. Provided you network on a regular basis.

Happy networking – and let’s meet for some networking in Copenhagen Saturday Nov. 26th at Julebazaren i Øksnehallen!

Best Wishes,

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