Why You Can Cheat On Your 4th Day of Copenhagen Detox

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Domestic Diva Rikke joined me for my 3-day detox – meet Rikke on Instagram

At my b-day party earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting The Juice Queen of Frederiksberg. A few months later I found myself…

detox coffee queen

… picking up today’s menu – pretty heavy weight wise with all those juices and greens!

3 honest days in a row I stuck to eating what was in the paper bag I picked up every morning, at Coffee Queen, Smallegade 20A, Frederiksberg Copenhagen. Shh… the fourth day I cheated (don’t tell The Juice Queen Dorthe Lippert), but nevertheless…

coffee queen

… my body felt so great after just one day. So light and energetic. And not hungry at all. I actually eat a lot :) – so I guess I was afraid of going to bed hungry. Did not happen…

The good thing is you decide yourself what in the paper bag to eat when. I chose to have the largest meal, typically the salad, for lunch. It kept me full and energetic until the evening, where another lovely meal was awaiting me. If you’d like to know what could be on the menu, have a look at the CoffeeQueen Facebook site.

If I lost weight? Ahmm… probably, that’s common but not my goal. Feeling energetic, sleeping well, spoiling your body with good stuff – doing something good for yourself: That’s the point. And then it’s just a bonus when the jeans are easy to button.

How to detox the Frederiksberg way: According to owner Dorthe Lippert quite a few of her customers choose to pick up the detox goodie bag Monday to Friday – then they eat and drink other stuff during the weekend. Single 7-7 parents do it the week they’re without kids. And – there’s a group of yogies who pick up their paper bag every Monday. Your Monday – Friday price is DKK 1.200.

Coffee Queen
Smallegade 20A
2000 Frederiksberg
Phone No: +45 3888 2900
Follow Dorthe and Coffee Queen on Facebook
Map & directions

Peace & Love,


Why You Can Cheat On Your 4th Day of Copenhagen Detox, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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