Why I give-away Ole Henriksen products for free

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Just give-it-away. A couple of days ago I put a note with a number on under some of the chairs – before teaching a bunch of web lovers how to make successful web article headings. I felt really excited – a-g 4 years old again:)

I was so much looking forward to making my listeners happy, to give them useful tools on how to make The World Wide Web their advantage – and to see the face of the person with No. 1 under his or her chair… the magic number that gave access to the first prize: A complete Ole Henriksen skincare kit

Of course there’s a business advantage: When “just giving” without expecting something in return; like signing up for your newsletter, liking your Facebook page or attending your next seminar, you make happy and loyal customers. However, a combination of just-giving and expecting something in return is key, due to the need  for earning money – unless you’re into charity:D

So – if you have access stock of last-season products – or whatever that could make your customers happy – try to just give-it-away. Just try it and see what happens. And please write me on ag.belmadani-at-gmail.com and tell me what happened.

Ultimately, the best of just-give-it-away is not just business-wise; it’s the personal benefits. Just giving makes 1 + 1 equal 10. You, the receiver and everyone else get HAPPY.

Well, basically it’s all about making the world a better place.


Why I give-away Ole Henriksen products for free, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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