When will CPH BLONDE be on CNN? November 21-25…

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Well, hello there! In 7 days – holy Danish macaroni – I will appear on CNN International. I’ll talk about what bicycling means for the Copenhageners streetwise. Also, what getting around easily on bike means to me being a Copenhagen blogger.

The program is named “The Perfect City” and is part of a new CNN series. Here’s some more information and the exact schedule:


Ps. How did this happen? Well, CNN googled my blog and emailed me with an invite to be part of their new program The Perfect City. Then we met up in Copenhagen – for filming and interviews, read all about my sunny and surreal afternoon together with the CNN camera crew.

CNN photo crew

Miles and Rob, my easygoing and clever camera crew – of course carrying around the heavy camera stuff by bike, the Copenhagen way!

Wishing you a wonderful Friday :)

Peace & Love,

Ps. SO lucky with the weather during the video shoot, lovely sunshine at Freetown Christiania. And the next day it actually rained cats and dogs. Phew (O:

Freetown Christiania Copenhagen with CNN

“Can you repeat that one more time?” CNN crew persistently carried on until the scene was perfect

When will CPH BLONDE be on CNN? November 21-25..., 9.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  1. Erik Hanebo says:

    Very exciting, can’t wait to see it on CNN!

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