We’re on TV2 Lorry: The Streaming from Last Night’s Interview

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TV2 Lorry


Dear Copenhagen Friend,

Last night CPH BLONDE was all over the news on Danish TV2 Lorry – well, at least for 2 minutes and 29 seconds ;)

I was pretty excited to watch it. One hour of filming melted down to just a couple of minutes: What would they focus on? The fact we’re just voted best blogs about Copenhagen on Spotted by Locals, my new wine course, the red bicycle from Velorbis – or just my everyday life as a Copenhagen blogger?

The intro was AWESOME. TV-journalist Line Baun Danielson kickstarted by showing my beloved logo in the background – the drawing of the blonde girl on a bicycle (left), created by  the clever Anete Vitola.


Click here to watch the interview on TV2 Lorry – full streaming, so please scroll to 17.42-20.11 minutes

Peace & Love,

Ps. So grateful: Blog reader Annie says in the interview she reads my blog because it’s “interesting”. And Gunnhild (below), wine journalist at womens’ Norwegian magazine Tara thinks I’m a combination of “Nordic and international”. Why do you read my blog? Please tell me by posting a comment. And what would you like me to write more about? You’re also most welcome to tell me in person, by writing me here. Thanks (:

TV2 Lorry

Pss. TV2 Lorry also joined us during our pre-press wine tasting event – hope to see you in Copenhagen for the real event February 24+25 – great knowledge about wine, wine & food and great fun!

Vinsmagning velkomst

… looove champagne

Ladegourdie welcome drink

Annelise Ladegourdie knows her wine – and champagne, and will be our host at the wine hosting event Feb 24+25

We're on TV2 Lorry: The Streaming from Last Night's Interview, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

One thought on “We’re on TV2 Lorry: The Streaming from Last Night’s Interview

  1. Seems a nice event :)
    Maria V.

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