Welcome to my new Copenhagen blogger’s crib

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Oh, what a first day – in my new office! The day started really well with such a lovely view when getting out of bed. Good I hurried to take a picture still wearing my pajama, because 10 minutes later it got all cloudy and the rain was pouring down… well, no pictures pleeease.

Finally going 100 % on my own, with my Copenhagen Street Media business, this day is kind of special. So what do I do, except making blog posts? :) I teach others how to blog. And I teach and provide content marketing services, all from making the online strategy to being the operational part, doing the company’s newsletters and Facebook updates. Always with content that is SEO optimized, securing increased traffic and sales.

So, here I find myself outside Miracle, a Danish IT-company where my crib is in a department named Geekhouse:


Please notice I’ve searched my closet for something business like – all navy blue striped – entering such a great company! But I’m pretty sure my dresscode will switch to something more street like and vintage in a whistle. But for now, the first-day-at-the-office I enjoy looking pretty serious (O;


I’ll invite you inside some other time. For now, you take care and enjoy whatever you do – if not, do something else, jump into it just like me, maybe not being sure about the outcome; what the heck – just follow your heart, and…. take it away!!

Love Life, Love You,
a-g xx

Welcome to my new Copenhagen blogger's crib, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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