We fell in love with Copenhagen so much that it was tears

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… falling down our cheeks.

Hey Copenhagen Friend, proudly introducing Swedish best friends Emma and Linnea – now living in Copenhagen and exploring Fabulous Copenhagen Lifestyle. They emailed me and thanked me for introducing them to The Good Copenhagen Life, and now I think I’ll have to follow their blog for the same reason (O: Here’s their first guest post on CPH BLONDE, I’m already looking forward to the next… please read on :D

Peace & Love,

Emma and Linnea Copenhagen

We first came to Copenhagen 2 years ago. It was September and not to cold to wear only a leatherjacket and a scarf. After spending the summer in France, where we had met a bunch of nice Danish boys, we decided to go to Copenhagen for a weekend. We went by train and arrived early on a foggy Thursday morning. I remember the long walk (don’t ask me why we walked) from København H to hotel Kong Arthur, and how we didn’t have a clue about anything. But that weekend changed our lives, or it changed us, because we fell in love.

We fell in love with Copenhagen so much that it was tears falling down our cheeks on the train back home.

Despite that, it took us a whole year before we got to meet our love again. During the year that passed and on, and after, our second weekend-trip in October last year, we made a decision and a really important one. We decided to move to Copenhagen and make it our home.

We arrived to a cold and rainy Copenhagen on a Wednesday two weeks ago. The rain was pouring down, as we dragged (literally) our suitcases and bags to the nearest cab. It was almost six o’clock and totally dark outside, but still we saw everything. Flashing lights and unknown buildings, as we made our way through central Copenhagen, to our first residence – an apartment on Burmeistersgade in Christianshavn. The first thing that hit us, as our landlord let us in, was the smell of curry, noodles and pancakes. Then we realized, there are no elevators in the average Cph-apartment. It was six stairs of curry before we finally reached our destination – the cutest 47 sqm, with white wooden floors and a big window which you can sit in.

So, what now? We found the best place on Gothersgade 12, Vesterkopi, where we printed 45 pages of resumés each. Yesterday we said goodbye on Kristin Bernikows gade, and went in different directions with our resumés in one hand, maps and pinned places in the other. Street by street, store by store, we went through our favorite places, each one starting with a hello, shaking hands and asking for the store manager.

This spring, we’ll be waking up in our totally, indescribably perfect apartment in Østerbro (moving in next weekend!!!! and couldn’t be happier), taking our, one bright red, one burgundy, bikes to work, with Stella McCartney sunglasses on (we both fell all over in love with some pairs earlier today…) and I think that is when we can truly call ourselves Copenhageners! Apartment-renting, danish fashion brand store-working, biking Copenhageners.

But until then, you can follow our journey, our way through “hajhaj” and “femoghalvfjerds” and our lives as two 20 years old best firends, on our blog! VÄLKOMNA! :)


Coffee in Copenhagen - Emma and Linnea

We fell in love with Copenhagen so much that it was tears , 9.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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