Wauw!!! Pernille Rosendahl acoustic at Custom House

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Last night I went to a Jabra gadget event… and in addition to new and interesting information (and gadgets!) I had great drinks & canapes – it all happened at Custom House – the restaurant worth a visit, lovely atmosphere and perfect for a dressed-up and stylish evening on town.

I also got to know a bunch of new people. Pernille Rosendahl (top right) is a famous Danish singer, who by the way loves to go to Copenhagen concerts at Little Vega – she delivered an amazing acoustic performance at Custom House together with her husband and band buddy Johan Wohlert. I’m talking goose bumps here!!

My mantra and vision is to make people not feel lonely. And to make them feel valuable and appreciated. I love to give this to people through music.

– Pernille Rosendahl

Pernille has had several performances at Little Vega herself


Wauw!!! Pernille Rosendahl acoustic at Custom House, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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