Watch out for this Velorbis Copenhagen Blonde!

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Love it when functionality meets Beauty and great design. Big basket able to keep at least 10 of Paris Hilton’s dogs comfortable during the entire bicycle ride (…), practical hook for my old school leather satchel; great urban view there, sitting on top of the city, pedalling eco-friendly and nicely from A to B…

– Is this your new bike? My volunteer photographer-of-the-day at the morning train station asks me, he can’t help smile at me – me SO proud and happy – and I smile back at him just as much as my bike would do – if it could:-)

And with my blog name on – aah, need to bicycle slowly and gracefully, so everyone catches my URL and it’s a must-have to click by!

Thanks to Velorbis for supporting my Lifestyle with such a great vehicle.

Love Life, Love my new bike!

a-g xx

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