Wallmans Dinnershow in Copenhagen

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Wauw – check out the video above, a must-see&hear. Waiting outside Circus Building Copenhagen to get in, three of the performing crooners suddenly climbed up a ladder – and started to sing!

Outside Wallmans Copenhagen

When inside the Circus Building, still smiling after the warm welcoming surprise, Wallmans continued to pamper us with jazzy tones.

Outside Wallmans Copenhagen

We enjoyed a drink in the bar, before we were seated at our cosy candlelight table. Enjoyed a delicious meal, while being lavished in world class performances. Here’s a rock’n roll one:

The music was a great likable mix, and people were clapping and waving their dinner napkins – what a great happy atmosphere.

Wallmans Copenhagen

One of the performers was also a waiter at our table. So we felt we were in the middle of the entertainment, with so much good vibes all swirling around.

Simultaneously I so much enjoyed to have the privilege of being anonymous and just enjoy and watch – I’m not a particular big fan of shows where I may be asked to be involved, risking a microphone and some strong lights, the audience being interviewed.

So, this was indeed a perfect night out. Laidback and cosy, not too noisy; easy to hear what my table friends were saying – but noisy enough to indulge the vibrant atmosphere of the outstanding shows and take the great music all in.

Ps. Whether you fancy the 50 Shades movies and the books, this performance was just beautiful – and a rainy experience for the tables close by, so Wallmans treated them with raincoats – have a look:


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Wallmans Dinnershow in Copenhagen, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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