Vote and win: Who is your favorite Copenhagen guy?

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Well, hello there ;) Being a Copenhagen blogger-on-the-streets has a few perks… that includes spotting good looking dudes. And not only spotting, being a blogger means I can approach them – oh la la – and actually talk to the hot stranger!!

I’ve skimmed my posts 18 months back in time and chosen a few of my own favorite pics.

Contest: Win a great prize (coming up sooon) – by commenting this blog post with YOUR favorite Copenhagen guy – see the photos below.

When finding a lucky winner, we make an equal draw between all comments. We need your vote by February 15th 2014. Go-go!

Peace & Love,

Ps. And the contestants are… please write me in my Facebook inbox – with a link to the actual blog post – if you think there’s someone missing (O:

A. Sweet guy with matching dog

B. Oh, Martin!
Copenhagen guy

C. Cute Thomas and his cute friend (left)
Thomas Y

D. The oh-so-macho running guy at Bryggebroen

E. Famous Danish comedian Casper Christensen & Crew
Casper Christensen & Co.

F. Mr. Cute & Mysterious
Copenhagen guy

G. The one with the sweet sweet eyes
Tourist Copenhagen

H. Matti and Morten – say no more!!
Copenhagen Latin Quarter Matti and Morten

I. Jack-who-made-me-blush

J. Our oh-so-sweet bartender at Generator Hostel Copenhagen
Eain Generator Hostel Copenhagen

K. My iPhone-handyman

… who’s your favorite? :) Please comment, looking forward to hearing your opinion!

Vote and win: Who is your favorite Copenhagen guy?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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