Velorbis lifestyle event in Illum: Video and photos

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Hi Friend,

Kickstarting this blog post with inviting you to doing this spider exercise with a handful brave event guests and me

… click here for the video:

Exercising in Illum

… yes, why not get on the floor and join immediately :-)

This Saturday we had a blast at Illum, one of the major department stores in Copenhagen. Velorbis Copenhagen & I invited to a lifestyle event, with fun, good offers and prizes from Helle Thorup Spa, IMEDEEN, Mother restaurant, Velorbis and CPH BLONDE  valued at more than DKK 8.000.
CPH BLONDE - ebook Velorbis (2)
“Welcome, guys!” Notice the champagne glasses, people were thirsty…

CPH BLONDE - ebook Velorbis (4)

The Velorbis Copenhagen concept store in Illum is beautiful. Love their bicycles and leather bags. And on this particular day you could have my new ebook How to become Scandinavian Skinny in 28 days – and a colorful bicycle bell for the price of DKK 100. Now you can have the bells for DKK 150 and my ebook for DKK 59 – still good prices (O;

CPH BLONDE - ebook Velorbis (5)

Showing off one of the 8 bikini exercises in my new ebook. Luckily I managed to have 3 persons joining me, but there was quite a crowd just watching! I’m sure they were only shy and did the exercise when they got home…

CPH BLONDE - ebook Velorbis (7)

Rikke (left) here in the red dress won the dinner for 2 at Mother restaurant in The Meatpacking District. Lucky girl!

From Mother restaurant Copenhagen

From Mother restaurant Copenhagen – “everyone” there goes for this coral colored drink

Thank you to you guys who dropped by. And to you others, I hope to see you at some other time.

Peace & Blog Love

Ps. Thanks to superb photographer Clotilde for photos and video! Check out more of C’s great work on her Facebook site

Clotilde Imbert (right) and me

Clotilde Imbert (right) and me



Velorbis lifestyle event in Illum: Video and photos, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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