Urban Development: The Copenhagen Guided Tour with Filip

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Copenhagen is beautiful. And the more you learn about her, the more you fall in love with her.

I had the same experience last time I was in Hamburg, staying at wonderful Park Hyatt Hamburg. Enjoying the best city guide, Tomas Kaiser, I got a unique glimpse of the historic and architectural beauty underneath, not visible to the eye, making Hamburg even more spectacular and interesting to me.

Now we proudly introduce a similar Copenhagen experience. Filip Zibrandtsen is our urban developer & real native-born Copenhagener, guiding you through the architecture and urban development of Copenhagen. A classic guided tour lasts 3 hours, includes lunch and can also be extended to a day trip.

Interested? Please contact us for more information and prices

About your guide: Filip Zibrandtsen (right) is partner and cofounder for the consulting company Urban Creators and works with a holistic approach to mobility planning and urban development. Filip is a creative and innovative planner and expert with over 25 years experience. Filip has worked with virtually all types of planning on both a large and small scale. Over the years, Filip has completed and won numerous development projects for his innovative solutions to integrated mobility and transport planning challenges with urban development’s many physical, technical, economical and strategical themes. Among other projects, Filip has worked with Northern Europe’s largest urban development; in North Harbour in Copenhagen. Filip is also an external lecturer and course leader in sustainable urban development at Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University.

Have a look at just a few of the places you will be able to enjoy and learn more about (casual screendumps from a classic program):


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Urban Development: The Copenhagen Guided Tour with Filip, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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