Upside down – life you turn me: Looove my cap

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To be honest. I couldn’t find out how to rotate this image 180 degrees. Well, it’s not my computer;) But this pic – this cap – has a special story:

Two years ago. My Dad wore this cap and I told him I thought it was SO cool. At that time he was not willing to give it away – he loved it too. And now, with a late Dad since Monday, my Mom gave it to me today.

I said: You think he really would give it to me?

Then she told me he had been wanting to give it to me since long. My Mom asked him then if she should send it to me (as I live in Copenhagen now) – but then my Dad told her he wanted to give it to me himself one day.

Oh well. That day never came. But now I wear his cap. And it feels good – he wanted me to have it.


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