Unbelievable Copenhagen Morning Song: Opera to the people!

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Copenhagen Opera Festival

Well, hello there ;) On my way to Copenhagen hairdresser Lene Krarup this morning, to get J-Lo lashes & brows…

Where to get J-Lo lashes & eyebrows in #Copenhagen #LeneKrarup #velorbis

… I accidentally bumped into Morning Song, at 9ish today. At first I listened to a classic opera song. And then we all were singing Svante’s Min lykkelige morgenmy happy morning – brought happy chills down my spine!!

Copenhagen Opera Festival

Please don’t hesitate to step by Torvehallerne yourself between 9 and 10 am these days – the Copenhagen Opera Festival is calling. Sing along or just listen – I’m convinced you’ll burst with happiness the rest of the day.

Peace & Love,


Unbelievable Copenhagen Morning Song: Opera to the people!, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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