U.S. Diet Finally in Copenhagen: Loose Weight With Berries in Your Nose

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Well, hello there ;) Have a look at this video (in English), and find out how easily you can use grizzly berries to get more fiber and speed up your weight loss – so we can enter the Copenhagen beaches soon and look ultra fit.

Actually, last night I tested this diet named The Yellowstone Diet myself, putting a couple of well-sized wonder berries up my nose…

Yellowstone Diet Copenhagen

The effect is instant and amazing. I slept like a baby, and I can literally feel how my metabolism is working Big Time!

Peace & Love,


Ps. NOT. Dear blog reader, this is a joke. I promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle – and don’t believe in diets… so The Yellowstone Diet is not real. The video is funny – and thought provoking – because we are surrounded by likewise diets that promise quick unrealistic solutions. The video is SO much worth watching, I laughed myself and had to watch it over and over again; it’s funny because it’s true.

So – let’s just eat well, move our bodies, love and laugh!

Eat love Copenhagen

And hey, if you should want to sleep with grizzly berries yourself, please make sure they’re bigger than your nostrils (O:

U.S. Diet Finally in Copenhagen: Loose Weight With Berries in Your Nose, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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