Trainspotting: Freddy – and Neil and Molly

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Sometimes a blogger needs to think out of the box, to deliver daily Copenhagen posts; 6 am sharp every day! When I was heading for an off-Copenhagen weekend this Friday, I came to think of I was desperately short of a post Monday morning.

I thought about stepping off my train at the Central Copenhagen Station, and find a sweet Copenhagener to portray. And just jump on the next train. But then again…

Thinking about what to do, sitting comfortably in my train seat, I caught glimpse of Freddy (above) and his friend Neil. Their energy was unmistakable and overshadowed all the other tired and half sleeping passengers, looking as if it had been a hard and long week at work…

So I mobilized all my courage (yes, I can be shy, too!) and asked the guys if I could take a picture of them. They said yes :D


My camera obviously becomes good friends with Neil and Freddy. Note the candy colored building in the upper right of the picture, that’s the movie theatre Palads, located just by Vesterport Station.


This little furry fellow is watching the entire photo session – her name is Molly and she is blessed with tons of energy as well.


First I ask the guys about where they prefer to dine in Copenhagen. They would rather tell me where to go for a drink! And that’s Charlie’s Bar located in Pilestræde 33 – specializing in Good Beer.


Peace & Love,


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Trainspotting: Freddy - and Neil and Molly, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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