Today’s “Bad” News. And the CNN Good News…

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1. The Bad News:
Today’s Blog shop launch is postponed due to traffic overload

Scandinavian Luxuries

So excited, can’t help to pre-show a little shop screen dump from the back end

O.M.G. Expecting to launch the Scandinavian Luxuries blog shop today, but this blog site has been too slow due to too many visits. Well, isn’t that good news, you may say? Well, yes, we’re thrilled there’s so much interest. However, it’s not a good experience for you to visit a shop that’s slow in internet performance. Then you may never visit us again… and we don’t want that to happen :)

What’s next: My blog team is working hard on moving my blog to a high speed server that can handle more visitors. Will keep you updated on the new shop launch on our Facebook – and here on the blog.


2. The Good News:
CPH BLONDE – well, hey, me – will talk about bicycle friendly Copenhagen on CNN, the weekend starting October 24th


Yay! Just received an email from my CNN camera crew, revealing the release weekend. And telling me CNN International is very happy about the production. That’s great to hear, getting really curious now on watching the report!


Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday evening, Copenhagen friend!

Peace & Love,

Today's "Bad" News. And the CNN Good News..., 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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