Tivoli Gardens part 2: Excellent lunch at Brdr. Price Restaurant

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Brdr. Price Tivoli Gardens

Hi Friend,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of wining & lunching at Brdr. Price Restaurant in wonderful Tivoli Gardens. Here I say skål (cheers) to my Mama – in Chablis :)

Brdr. Price Restaurant Tivoli

And here I’m listening to my shrimps – lovely ones in a tasty dill sauce.

Brdr. Price Tivoli

Mama checking out the menu.

Brdr. Price Tivoli

… Frida checking out the menu! She is impressively fast on deciding on the roastbeef. And then she exclaims: – This is my favorite restaurant! ((-:

Frida's roastbeef


Brdr. Price Restaurant Tivoli

Asparagus – and lobster.

Brdr. Price Restaurant Tivoli

Here’s the story about the Price Brothers’ connection to Tivoli Gardens.

Hear the story with CPH BLONDE’s Norwegian/Danish accent ;) And have The Guided Tour – click here

Brdr. Price Restaurant Tivoli

 So much more coming up – win a ditto lunch for 2, You Lovely Blog Reader, and see more photos. Just follow this daily blog and our Facebook.



Tivoli Gardens part 2: Excellent lunch at Brdr. Price Restaurant, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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