The world just outside Freetown Christiania

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Freetown Christiania Copenhagen

So many Copenhagen photos are taken inside Christiania, the self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood with 850 residents. Or well, SO many photos are not actually taken because because of the photo ban on pusher street. And a lot of tourists mistakenly  believe it’s banned to take photos all over Christiania – it’s not! Just keep your camera away from pusher street (O;

But hey, this post is about outside Christiania. My clever intern Annette stepped off the Christianshavn Metro to hang out in the hood…

Outside Freetown Christiania Copenhagen

Church of Our Saviour is spectucular and located just across the Freetown.

Church of Our Saviour Copenhagen

And lovely icecream shop Ishuset, a cosy spot in the Christianshavn community:

Outside Christiania Copenhagen

Maybe a little bit cold now for an icecream. So maybe right now you should look forward to my hot and upcoming travel guide on Christiania at Christmas time – coming up pretty soon! Keep informed on when & where by signing up for The VIP CPH Club, in the left column of this blog.

Christiania Christmas Market

Peace & Love,

The world just outside Freetown Christiania, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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