The Top 3 Towers of Miss Copenhagen

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Today we have a guest blogger: Please welcome C aka Miss Copenhagen!

Church of Our Saviour

On top of Copenhagen. If you like being on top of things, try being on top of Copenhagen. Instead of skyscrapers the old capital city skyline has only a few old and very characteristic towers and spires. Lucky for us and you, some of them are open to the public, and from here you get a spectacular view of Copenhagen.  This is my top 3 different views of the city and its districts. 

Round Tower: City centre
This old round tower, built my Danish King Christian 4th in 1600s, is my absolute favourite escape in Copenhagen.  Climb the 209-metre spiral ramp to the top, and you will be rewarded with the city’s best 360-degree view. The viewing platform is quite large, so you will not be cramped. You can even sit down and enjoy the view. Read more

Round Tower

Church of Our Saviour: Christianshavn

Round Tower view

Probably the best aerial view of freetown Christiania you will find.  From the twisted spire of Church of Our Saviour in the Christianshavn district you get a view of Copenhagen Harbour and next door neighbor Christiania. Walking up the staircase to the small viewing platform is an experience in itself. The tower is closed during winter, but guess what? They just opened!  Read more

The Zoo Tower: Frederiksberg


In the district of Frederiksberg, you will see one very characteristic tower rising above all others. It is quite unique looking, and it is the tower in Copenhagen Zoo. The tower was built in 1905 on top of Frederiksberg Hill, and you need an entrance ticket to the Zoo (which is well worth a visit too), and then it costs DKK 10 to go up in the 50-metre tall tower. Due to it being built on a hill, you can see Frederiksberg and across the rooftops to city centre and the Oresund Bridge. If the weather is bad, the tower will close for the day, so go on a good day! Read more

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The Top 3 Towers of Miss Copenhagen, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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