The Story of me – the Story of my Bed Table

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My Armanis: Result of shopping in Germany, while my Dad was on the border of life and death. Now he’s left Planet Earth, these shoes remind me of my father and the very special last month together with him; somehow and maybe strangely they make me feel strong.

My Rimowa suit case: Using it for bed table; it reminds me of – living in the western world – how privileged I am to be able to go travelling and explore the world. And it makes me look forward to my next trip, which is to London this May:-)

My jewellery holder keeps my fave jewellery in one place.

My yoga mat: Love it! It’s from California, my vacation Over There almost 2 years ago. Good memories. Keeps my California Dream alive, I really would like to go there more often, go for a morning run on the beach, be greeted good morning by the surfers, just enjoy the outgoing Americans; when back in Denmark again I missed people nodding and saying hi to me – without knowing me.

Well, if you say hi to a Dane without knowing the person, she a. thinks you must believe she is someone else, someone you know or b. completely out of your mind…;)

LOVE living in Denmark, though, and having a combination of California & Copenhagen is AWESOME.

Love Life, Love California, Love Copenhagen!

a-g xx

The Story of me - the Story of my Bed Table, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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