The New Color Blind Only Coca Cola Release in Copenhagen

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The ishihara billboard is right here at Copenhagen Town Hall Square

IMG_3414On Tuesday December 8th Coca Cola will reveal the name of the new member of the Coca Cola family, the first new product ever since Coca Cola Zero back in  2009 – and CPH BLONDE has been offered this Tuesday to be one of the first tasters in Denmark. Wuhu ;)

The name of the brand new product is still a secret. Well, not really – Coca Cola has made it possible for the red-green color blind only to read the name of it, in an ishihara photo:

Ishihara Coca Cola

I’m not colorblind myself, but maybe one of you blog readers are? By the way, 10% of the Danish population is color blind – with a predominance of men.

If you can read the four letter word, then please comment this post with the name of it – thanks :)

This is what was hidden in the gift box I received at my Copenhagen blog crib the other day:

Coca Cola

So, here’s the dotted glass and a few capsuled herbs, making me all ready for the tasting in 6 days!

Take care, have a WONDERFUL day xx

Peace & Love,




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The New Color Blind Only Coca Cola Release in Copenhagen, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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