The Fun of Wearing a Dress

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Always been so boyish as a child; climbing trees, throwing the tennis ball (longer than any of the other real guys) – and refusing to wear the pink Pink Panther t-shirt, yeah, because it was too girly, too pink!

Well, things have changed… now I enjoy dressing feminine. But I’m usually not THIS feminine and ladylike.

So today it strikes me there really is a difference in dressing THIS feminine: The men around me treat me much more polite than they usually do(!) Not that they usually treat me polite, but now it’s remarkably MORE.

No problem finding a parking spot for my bicycle on the train, the men were literally paving the way;)

Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m convinced you know what I mean.

Otherwise, get out there and wear a dress – and high heels too – for yourselves… and feel the difference!

Dressy Greetings from

Ps. Dress from Zara – and bike from Velorbis,

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