The Copenhagen Summer Look – the Christmas gift to yourself?

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Makeover at Helle Thorup Spa - 2

Well, hello there! Look what your Copenhagen Santa blogger has for you (O;

This summer I asked my friend and makeup artist Helle to give me the best makeup look – ever.

Helle being a spa owner since her late teens is also one of the best makeup stylists in Copenhagen, so I was pretty determined on my choice of helper here. And here’s the result…

Makeover at Helle Thorup Spa - 3

I’m especially happy about the flawless look of my skin. With no powderish look, just  a healthy glow. Love it!

Right now, in partnership with Helle Thorup Spa, we can offer you this complete look with a discount of DKK 500. Thirteen products altogether for only DKK 3.245, including shipping.

Well, only… I know it’s a lot of money, but in return finally you can stop now searching for and buying all the wrong products, that only will gather dust after a while, and settle with a long lasting solution that emphasizes your beauty – every day!

Click here and check out our webshop for this special offer.

Bonus: Purchasing this product allows you a free 30 minute makeover at Helle Thorup Spa in Copenhagen or Aarhus.

Ps. This Friday Nov. 22nd only – you can have this free makeover in Copenhagen without having purchased the products, just call +45 33339600 and book your New Look today :)

Makeover at Helle Thorup Spa - 1

By the way, met my wonderful photographer here when interviewing her for this blog. Sla has together with her co-photograper husband her own photography business, named Sla Karvounis Photography – check them out on Facebook.

Billy and S

Meeting Sla for the first time – together with her cute dog Billy, when chasing Copenhageners for my blog.

Macedonian Beauty

Peace & Love,

The Copenhagen Summer Look - the Christmas gift to yourself?, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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