Thank you, Professor Aigner, for saving my Dad’s life!

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Are you married, Professor Aigner?

This is blog life too. Busy telling bloggers they need to stick to blogging regularly – no matter what – in my new ebook The Naked Truth About Blogging (available in Danish, English version coming up), these last weeks I failed living up to my own device BIG TIME. Here’s why:

24 hours to live. Last Friday we sent my cancer sick Dad – 99 percent dead – on a plane from Stavanger, Norway to a private hospital outside Munich, Germany. His feet and hands were ice cold, one of the first signs of death approaching. And his eyes were hollow. The alternative was to let him stay in Norway without any possible treatment, dying on the couch. We were offered special toilet seat, a hospital bed in the living room and a walker – however this way of dying was not according to my Dad’s will. My Dad knew going to the German hospital was his last chance.

My mother, Professor Aigner and I 

Impressively my Dad survived the plane trip. He arrived the hospital late Friday night not being able to stand on his feet. Professor Dr. med. Aigner and his team took over and stabilized my Dad’s physical condition – if it wasn’t for the Professor my Dad would have died in the morning Saturday January 7th.

The thriller wasn’t over yet. Having been so weak and close-to-death the next 3 days were crucial for his survival. Tuesday morning there was only a 10 percent chance in the favor of life (man, I cried – and prayed). But miraculously the condition was stabilized just by Tuesday noon.

And when Professor Aigner finally told us this Wednesday my father was 100 percent out of the danger zone – and will be ok – and that now I could go home to Denmark and leave Dad securely for further treatment at the hospital, I cried again. This time from relief and happiness.

Please – PLEASE – visit Professor Aigner’s homepage. It would be an understatement to say I recommend Professor Aigner and his team. Sometimes words are not enough – even for a blogger:)

Love You, Love Me, Love Life,

Feeling tense in Norway, not really sure yet if there were German miracles out there waiting for my family

Watching my lucky star above the skies – from the view of the flying airplane

ps. Watch me kiss the Professor again

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