TDC: Share your own story like Mikkel Kessler

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#DelLivet – share life: Share a little bit of you with the world! Stories tell so much about who we are. For instance, in this TDC video Danish professional boxer Mikkel Kessler the uncertainties of a boxer’s career. Never know who to play after the next match; sometimes he doesn’t even know when the very next match is… … and who he’ll fight against in the boxing ring.

Sounds a little bit LOL – like my blogger’s career ;)

Never know who I’ll meet, who and what I’ll blog about next week… it’s great fun to have such an unpredictable job – most of the time – but there are times, also expressed by Mikkel Kessler in the video above, when I know nada of what will happen. Sweet and scary! And sweet.

Go ahead and share your story, Copenhagen friend, info on how-to in the video above! I’ll keep an eye on the TDC Facebook page for the stories of you, my lovely readers.

Peace & Love,

Ps. In order to deal with uncertainty, my best and most beautiful tip is to unwind together with Nature <3:


My beautiful blogger’s way to deal with uncertainty – visualized #DelLivet

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TDC: Share your own story like Mikkel Kessler, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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