Tamey: Torvehallerne is the best place for a drink in the sun

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Kultorvet Copenhagen

Tamey and His Cool Secret Friend were hanging out at Kultorvet, close to Nørreport Station.

Kultorvet Copenhagen

– Oh, so that’s what you do, crack a joke or two, make me laugh and then take awesome pictures?

Yep, Tamey has revealed my secret formula, except from awesome, he didn’t exactly say that ;)

Kultorvet Copenhagen

Kultorvet on a sunny spring day. What’s new is the big and round sitting arrangement in the middle of the plaza. Really does something to the atmosphere, Kultorvet is now also a place to hang out instead of just passing by.

Kultorvet Copenhagen

I ask Tamey about the best Copenhagen place to go for a cold drink in the sun. Torvehallerne, he recommends. Go there also for Danish delicacies, local vegetables, fresh fish, or maybe some Italian specialities – read more on visitcopenhagen.com.



Mother antipasti Copenhagen

Oh, and by the way, will we meet on Friday? If you’re in Copenhagen right now I would LOVE for you to step by Mother in Meatpacking District for a weekend drink and some free antipasti – between 5 and 6 pm. Read more on our Facebook




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Tamey: Torvehallerne is the best place for a drink in the sun, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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