Take the test: Are you a real blogger?

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Hey co-blogger, here are 6 questions to determine if you (too) are seriously – I mean seriously – hit by the blog bug:
  1. Do you find yourself silly smiling and unbearably happy in the midst of writing a blog post?
  2. Do you feel ecstatic when you push the publish button?
  3. Do you have a blogger’s mind, always working on the next blog post?
  4. Do you see possible blog stories everywhere, in almost any situation?
  5. Do you find it hard to limit yourself to ”only” one or a few blogs?
  6. Do you just love to be a blogger? 

… and the 7th unofficial question: Would you sometimes prefer to blog  – instead of reading a story for your kid, or have a glass of wine together with your partner…?;)
Well, my blog friend, if you answer yes to one or more of the above questions chances are you’re made of real blogger stuff!
ps. Now I’m just about to click the publish button – yeah:D!!!
pss. If you have a test question to add please feel free to comment this blog post.
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