Take a Cooking Class in Copenhagen: Kroman is All About Cooking and “Hygge”

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kroman's all about cooking

Have a look at what my team and I proudly managed to create :) Find the grilled crab recipe in the below. Photo: Rikke Sonne

karsten kroman

Ready set go: Masterchef Karsten Kroman is not only a good teacher, his subdued sense of humour and pleasant personality makes this a really great event. Photo: Rikke Sonne

This week I was invited to join a 2 hour cooking class at Kroman’s All About Cooking school in Copenhagen.

The occasion is I want to be able to offer cooking classes in Copenhagen, to companies and private groups.

And yes, now Kroman’s All About Cooking is part of our DealsCopenhagen.com repertoire:

Book 2 hours – like we did, and make a simple meal together while enjoying good wine, beer and refreshments of your preference, and each other’s good company.


Have the Full Kroman’s Dinner Evening Experience; make a dinner menu together and proudly enjoy it afterwards.

Or again… this week I will offer a Japanese group a mini-course in making Danish pastry – everything is possible.

Sounds interesting? Contact me if you’d like more information about what we can arrange for you.

Perfect for: I think it’s a great event for a group or a company, who wants to have a good time together, in an informal and relaxed, yet classy and exclusive atmosphere – and learn a thing or two about how to make simple and delicious food. All tools and equipment are high class; no plastic, only ceramics, wood, glass and quality steel. Fresh flowers on the table – you know, all the details that make the experience functionally and aesthetically complete.

kroman's all about cooking

Wine & beer break. Photo: Rikke Sonne

No rush: Asger, Søren and Michael (above) seem to enjoy a well deserved refreshment in between the kitchen work.

all about cooking

Clockwise: Øystein, me and Asger. Photo: Rikke Sonne

Here I am (left) presenting the crab dish on behalf of my team.

The grilled crab recipe (photo top above):

Cut the crab claws in two on the slim side (watch your fingers), then grill it on the shell side until half done.

Grill the claws on the meat side for only 5 seconds, then lavish them with garlic butter made with parsley.


Have a wonderful weekend.



Ps. Here’s the chicken breast with potato chips, parsley frites and sauce espelette, and the profiterolles dessert with homemade vanilla parfait and chocolate sauce:

kroman's all about cooking

Photos: Rikke Sonne



A special thank you goes to my dear friend – and photographer of the day, Rikke Sonne from cphpromotion.com.

Take a Cooking Class in Copenhagen: Kroman is All About Cooking and "Hygge", 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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