Survival Kit for a Perfect Sunny Copenhagen Morning

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… and Next Door Cafe ;) Hello there! Maybe some of you noticed my love for colors in the last post? Well, the love affair goes on…

Another sunny Copenhagen morning invites me to wear my bold pink colored bikini from lovely Swedish brand Saltabad. The skirt is from H&M – the bright yellow makes me happy just looking at it.

After a quick morning shower I enjoy spoiling my skin with a shea butter body cream from French beauty series La Sultane de Saba (DKK 349). I discovered the product when clever Lillian from Copenhagen beauty clinique Take Care massaged my hands with the delicious body cream. It was during a facial, and half asleep I almost croaked, haha – omg, love the smell, what is that?

“That” was a body cream not seen in Denmark before, the beauty clinique discovered it themselves during a business trip to France.


The smell is discreet and luxurious – please make it my new perfume like. The cream is full with a firm consistency, melting in your warm palms. Only a small amount is sufficient to moisturize your body, giving it a great all day shine.

SO summerwise: Love it when my arms and legs look  a little shiny and moisturized – yep, all day!

Alright, I’m ready to enjoy my breakfast on the terrace: Chicken and… protein loathed skyr, an Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yoghurt – this morning with yummie raspberry. And my darling cup of morning coffee – love it.

I’ve lived pretty much the low carb lifestyle for a year  now, ever since my body got into the hands of Copenhagen personal trainer Anne Bech – which I’ve written an ebook about, Hjælp – 28 dage med Anne Bech – on how I lost quite a few inches by not eating bread, rice and other hi-carbs.


Info on where to get the body cream:
Take Care
Hellerup Park Hotel
Strandvejen 203
2900 Hellerup

Take Care Hellerup Copenhagen

Ps. After such a pleasant morning I head for the Copenhagen Latin Quarter. Here I am at Next Door Cafe with Rikke, who’ll help me launch a series of new blog courses, starting from September.

Rikke and I enjoy our lunch

Then cafe owner Skylar takes my seat for a sec… more on Next Door Cafe in my next ebook, first things first – LOL, need to publish my Copenhagen ebook revealing 12 hidden gems first (O:

Survival Kit for a Perfect Sunny Copenhagen Morning, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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