Guide to Copenhagen: Special to San Diego Fashion Blogger Paola

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Top Brewer Copenhagen

Well, hello there, Paola – and welcome to Copenhagen :) LOVE your fashion blog Blank Itinerary by Paola Alberdi. And thank you for writing me:

Hi there! I’m a fashion blogger in San Diego, CA, but will be visiting Copenhagen in late June. It would be great if you could tell me how the weather is like and where are the best places to shop and eat! You know, like the locals! Thank you!

Hey Paola, hope my info is timely enough – here we go; the coffee, where to go shopping, where to eat. And the weather… :

1. The Coffee
You need to try the world’s first app controlled cafe – TopBrewer opened just about a week ago and you find it at Grønnegade 4 – click here for map & directions.


This is pure personification of your coffee – love it!


Yes, Paola, the Copenhagen guys are very sweet ;)

2. The shopping
Don’t miss out on Norr! Just a 5 minute walk with your TopBrewer coffee in your hand, you find yourself luckily inside of Norr, a Soho esque fashion mekka – at Pilestræde 36, map & directions here.

NORR Copenhagen

3. The cafe
Bring yourself & your Norr shopping bags to Next Door Cafe in Copenhagen Latin Quarter, located at Larsbjørnsstræde 23, map & directions here. Perfect for a lunch – blueberry pancakes, great juices and salads – or an early dinner (closes at 6 pm). Say hi to owner Skyler from me (O:

Sweet street life at Next Door Cafe

And the weather… oops:

Copenhagen weather

The Copenhagen weather is unfortunately not so San Diego ish – wish it was, but I hope you’ll have fun anyway, Paola! Wishing you a GREAT stay.

Peace & Love,

Paolas blog is beautiful and inspiring – have a look:

Blank Itinerary Paola Alberdi

Guide to Copenhagen: Special to San Diego Fashion Blogger Paola, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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