Spanish Fun: More pictures please!

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Just another day in Copenhagen...

BFF Rikke took a lot of pictures this Very Special Evening. Yeah, just imagine being together with your Mama, visiting from Norway – and your BFF, at the same time! That’s not everyday for me.

So in addition to enjoying the wonderful food, the evening became even more precious with such good and loving company.

I would strongly suggest for you too, if you win a dinner for 2 at La Valenciana in our contest, that you bring some special people in your life, too!

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Oh well, back to more pictures. Pleeease ;)

And if you would like to see our slideshow on Youtube – accompagnied by the Spanish Bull – click here!


La Valenciana

La Valenciana

La Valenciana

La Valenciana


Peace & Love,

Spanish Fun: More pictures please!, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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