Sony XPERIA Z3: Tempting new Copenhagen blogger’s tool

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Is it time to get a new phone? I am – for sure. My iPhone 4S is already old school. And since I’m not old school – haha… ;)

Seriously. I’m amazed of the new smartphones, with their capability of taking photos in awesome quality For Real. Like this new Sony XPERIA Z3.

I especially fancy the smaller Compact version of this new Sony

A smartphone is a crucial blogger’s tool. I prefer it to be handy, feminine and fit perfectly in my pocket. And I need it to take photos and videos in high quality!

I also enjoy using my Nikon camera – but then again: Not-so-handy.

Being a blogger means sometimes you need to be able to jump into any moment – and capture it

Here’s an example from the Copenhagen Metro, without my Nikon camera – where I just had to take a quick photo of this cool fashionista, wearing shades in the underground:

Yep, I often don’t have time to stop and pull out my Nikon camera, sometimes I don’t even bring it if I’m not going to a specific blogger’s event. So a smartphone with an excellent camera is right now on top of my blogger’s wish list.

Have a wonderful day, Copenhagen friend xx!

Peace & Love,

Sony XPERIA Z3: Tempting new Copenhagen blogger's tool, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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