Sla’s great photos – and Madklubben

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Sla's great photos - 2

Billy and S

Maybe you read yesterday’s blog post – about my Macedonian Paris Hilton (NOT)? I asked the street chic S-girl to reveal her photographer site. And after reading the blog post she messaged me both her site and her Facebook page – also check out the screendumps below. She does have a new site coming up, so you’d rather stay informed on her Facebook then!

Oh, just love to be a blogger and meet great Copenhagener personalities like Sla Karvounis.


Sla - great photos 1

Some day I need to have Sla taking photos of me. I’m sure they’ll turn out gorgeous, something to show my grandkids when I’m grey & old…

I also have to tell you:  Passed the restaurant Madklubben the other day. The scenery was like taken out of a mixed modern & 50’s movie:

Madklubben 1

A beautiful 50’s waitress chatting with a very 2013 cool Peak Performance guy. No wonder I had to stop and have a picture – or two (o: The threesome (below), Mikkel, Søs and Patryk, were so sweet and outgoing.

Madklubben - 2

Madklubben – I haven’t been there yet. But I would love to go there some day, have heard so much good stuff about it. And if I fancy it, I won’t hesitate asking Madklubben if they would like to treat a couple of you lovely blog readers for a dinner – just like the No. 11 Tripadvisor Copenhagen restaurant Tight does, join the contest here.


Easter Blog Love to you,


Madklubben - 3

Sla's great photos - and Madklubben, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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