Seven Days in Hellerup: Day 3 – Søren likes Obama

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I caught Søren waiting for the bus – I thought – but the truth is he was standing still, figuring out a gift for a female friend :) And yes, at one time during our conversation he shouted “Obama!” so I guess he’s a fan…

When asked for a must-go-see place in Hellerup, he says “the new fish restaurant” as well as Joe and The Juice, you find both hot spots in Waterfront Shopping Centre.

Here are some more pictures grasping the atmosphere in Hellerup; as mentioned in a former blog post, the area is considered one of the most prosperous in Copenhagen:

Oooh, I wouldn’t mind being the owner of this luxury bath tub…

In Hellerup you find lots of trendy and cosy high end boutiques


Seven Days in Hellerup: Day 3 - Søren likes Obama, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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