Report from Undercover Very Lazy Sweatpant Blogger

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Wearing my ugly sweat pants all weekend and no makeup – I desperately sought my iPhone for an old decent photo for my Sunday blog post…;)

Nope, no live show picture this weekend, I’ve been totally undercover. My hair looks like a cleaning mop. But I don’t care. I just needed a weekend – on the sofa, with a blanket and a cup of tea! Boring? Not at all.

Actually quite funny when standing on a chair, installing a new lamp – one of the few times leaving the couch – wearing my bathrobe, totally ignoring the neighbors being able to see me through the window. Well, not ignoring, just to lazy to go change:-)

And well, tomorrow I will wear my business wardrobe, high heels and no one – NO one, will know anything about the way I looked this weekend  – well, unless they’ve been reading my blog…

Love – have a fab week!!;)


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