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Norway Meets Copenhagen


The brand new Norway Meets Copenhagen has been dedicated personally to CPH BLONDE – and can only be ordered in this webshop. The red color from the Danish flag in sweet combination with Norwegian blue colored rims.

Product Description

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Robust and hard-wearing – meet the customized luxury version of Dannebrog Balloon
Perfect for tackling bumpy roads and curbs, the Norway Meets Copenhagen commuter bike in Danish and Norwegian colors is One Special Lady: The robust and hard-wearing sister of the Kopenhagen Ladies model – and yet feminine.

norway meets copenhagen

With blonde Fat Frank balloon tyres from Schwalbe it rolls amazingly easily with full suspension effect. The Norway Meets Copenhagen upright retro bike comes complete with the luxurious Brooks Original leather saddle and Velorbis leather mud flap. And more.

Additional features include powder coated chain guard, enclosed 3W Sturmey Archer hub with dynamo driven head lamp and dynamo driven rear lamp, from German Bush & Müller. This classic retro vintage bicycle also comes with double kick stand and traditional style classic 80 mm ding dong bell.

Luxury additional accessories include the Velorbis steel rear carrier with an innovative hook on the side to carry your leather bag or grocery bags on of your bicycle. The unique Velorbis steel front carrier and luxurious wood carrier crate are also great extras to enjoy on your bicycle, as well as leather hand grips. And – the special colored Norwegian blue rims.

A bicycle giving you an upright comfort
The retro style ladies bike comes with a traditionally lugged and brazed hand built frame, which ensures a relaxed and ultra posture-friendly cycling experience at all times – widely referred to as sit-up-and-beg style. This gives a high vantage point from which you can view the traffic, as well as making it easy to look behind you and soak in all of the sights and sounds of your surroundings as you cycle past.

The balloon tires is dated back to the first half of the last century and were made to tackle bumby roads and curbs. This customized luxury version of the Dannebrog Balloon bicycle is an alternative to the Kopenhagen Ladies bicycle as it is more robust yet it rolls amazingly easy.

Quick facts / Extra included in Norway Meets Copenhagen
Weight: 25 kg
Dimensions: 141 x 26 x 84 cm
Gear: 7 speed
Frame Size: 50 cm
Colour: Fire Red / With Norwegian special blue colored rims
Wheel Size: 26″
Saddle: Velorbis Leather / Brooks Original
Light: Front / Back (Dynamo Hub)
Lock: No / Yes
Hand grips:
Aluminium Basket: No / Yes
Rear Carrier: No / Yes
Production Country: Germany
Design: Velorbis

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Delivery: Bicycles are made to order, 5-6 weeks.

Prices on the CPH BLONDE website do not include local import tax that could apply. If you are unsure, please check with your local customs authority before ordering.

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