Please Welcome The Detox Queen of Copenhagen: It’s All About Energy

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coffee queen copenhagen

One day in 2014: Walking the streets and parks of Copenhagen I was slowly losing my energy. I needed to be detoxified. I did not take the time to buy healthy food for myself. I wanted to – but I didn’t have the energy.

coffee queen copenhagen

I had been looking for a place to get healthy food that would save me the time to give me a healthy lifestyle. But I couldn’t find it.

I wondered “how can I help myself and at the same time maybe help others with the same issues?”

I came up with an idea. And decided to give it a go…

coffee queen copenhagen

My wish: To create an easy, healthy menu for a week that would feed my body and soul instead of my ego – and not having to worry too much about cooking, shopping and preparing in order not to fall into the junk food trap.

Love to eat in colors. Food should satisfy my body – and I thought if I have the right energy, I am able to do my best.

One night after closing hour  in my café I decided to create a menu for a whole week. I emptied all my fridges and just started cooking. Spinach, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, pineapple; vegetables and fruit in all shapes and colors were all around me.

Within a couple of hardworking hours I had some simple old school meals prepared with good energy and lovely colors.  A detox queen was born!

coffee queen copenhagen

This is not a diet. I am SO tired of reading and trying to overcome yet another diet, counting calories to lose weight. This is all about living a healthy lifestyle in balance.

coffee queen copenhagenLOVE TO MAKE PEOPLE SHINE
My name is Dorthe Lippert . I am also called the detox queen ☺. It turned out I wasn’t the only one who needed energy to do my best. Now I have about 25 people coming every week to pick up their bag of greens every morning. And I just love to see them shine and hear about their experiences and many benefits with all the green, vegan food the detox contains.

… it is all about energy!


Info – where to get your weekly detox menu:
Coffee Queen
Smallegade 20A
2000 Frederiksberg
Phone No: +45 3888 2900
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Map & directions

Please Welcome The Detox Queen of Copenhagen: It’s All About Energy, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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