Picking Up MINI John Cooper Works: My Beauty For A Week!

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MINI John Cooper Works

Several months ago Mette from BMW and I met at an Above & Beyond Society networking event. And voila! Here I find myself stepping into a MINI John Cooper Works. This superb womens’ network recently became international, so if A. you’re not Danish speaking (or – you are Danish speaking), B. live in the Copenhagen area and C. want to explore the best of Danish lifestyle, together with exciting and inspiring women, then have a look at their website and see what they can offer. Live Life Passionately is one of their slogans – love it.

Oh, back to “my” cute little vehicle here with a lion’s sports engine

It’s an official public relations car which I’m test driving for a week. Correction: ONLY for a week. After picking it up yesterday at car dealer Jan Nygaard in Lyngby just outside Copenhagen, I must admit I’ve already fallen in love with this beauty.

It all started brilliantly. The sweet people at car dealer Jan Nygaard greeted me most kindly. The receptionist asked me formally if I had a driver’s license. Why? I joked – and then I knew my MINI John Cooper Works adventure was officially started!

A charming guy offered me coffee to go, and demonstrated the technical need-to-knows of the car, in order for me to get the most of my week with MINI. Automatic rain censor, bluetooth enabling me to play music from my iPhone Spotify – great speakers, by the way. And the MINI Head-Up Display, securely showing me my speed, bluetooth phone numbers to call and so on, still while looking straight and keeping track of the traffic. I’ll tell you more about my favorite equipment when I’ve been driving this lovely for a few more days – coming up in a new blog post.

The charming technical guy was all-positive and told me after only 3 minutes, he was absolutely sure I was 100% ready to drive the car all by myself.

MINI John Cooper Works

Alright, then! On the road, and it feels good. On my way home I made sure to step by JYSK to pick up 2 chairs and a garden table. I was a little excited if such a big parcel could fit into such a seemingly small sized car. But I was amazed it slipped right onto the back seat. By the way, thanks to the kind JYSK guy who helped me by carrying the parcel all the way onto the back seat. That’s just great service.

Hafjell JYSK

This is the content of the parcel. I’ve been wanting the Hafjell outdoor furniture all summer, but never got to the point of putting action to my dream. Now, with a car that is solely mine for a whole week, it’s time to make those dreams come true!

To be continued. Have a wonderful day out there.


Peace & Love,



Picking Up MINI John Cooper Works: My Beauty For A Week!, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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