Photo story: Christmas lunch at Brdr. Price in Tivoli Gardens

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Brdr Price Tivoli Copenhagen

Great Copenhagen Christmas lunch tip: Sophira was particularly excited about the hen salad.

Just got back from a wonderful Christmas lunch at Brdr. Price in Tivoli Gardens. After finishing this blog post I will close down my computer and start on my… Christmas vacation!! Heading for Norway tomorrow. And what a nice last day at work in 2014, enjoying great food in beautiful Tivoli Gardens.

Scroll down, watch the photos, feel the atmosphere – get hungry :P

Ps. We “only” made it through 3,5 courses – guarantee for being left satisfied with a happy stomach, without having to order the entire menu – love it.

Merry Christmas, Copenhagen friend xx

Peace & Love,


Brdr. Price i Tivoli
Vesterbrogade 3
1630 Copenhagen
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Tivoli Gardens

The joy of anticipation. Passing the pretty swans in Tivoli Gardens, on our way to the restaurant.


Sweet Christmas trees and spring flowers make a lovely entrance.

Brdr Price Tivoli Copenhagen

Brdr. Price i Tivoli has quite a wide range of Christmas menus – what to choose? :)

Brdr Price Tivoli Copenhagen

We boldly chose the menu Christmas lunch in 5 servings – and made it half through the fourth course…

Brdr Price Tivoli Copenhagen

Lesson No. 1: Watch out for eating too much of that delicious homemade bread – when there’s so much good stuff coming up in the menu.

Brdr Price Tivoli Copenhagen

Snaps & herring are Danish companions. In Denmark you just can’t have one thing without the other (O:

Copenhagen Tivoli

SO ready for herring and salmon – yummie.

Copenhagen Tivoli

… followed by an utmost lovely hen salad – on crispy bread with a slice of bacon.

Brdr Price Tivoli Copenhagen

Enjoying the surroundings. Cosy atmosphere – and maybe the photo is a little bit blurry because of the (single) snaps…

Brdr Price Tivoli Copenhagen

Passing the giant swans on our way back to the office. Thank you, Tivoli Gardens, for housing a lovely restaurant like Brdr. Price xx

Photo story: Christmas lunch at Brdr. Price in Tivoli Gardens, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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