Park Hyatt Hamburg – My Luxury Second Home

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When words are not enough, I have to show you a short video of what true luxury is:

Hello, Copenhagen friend! I’ve been looking so much forward to sharing this blog post with you. Just returned from a dream weekend in Hamburg, and will do my best to try to describe my stay at the 5 star rated Park Hyatt Hamburg. Quite a challenge, when words like fantastic and great would be understatements.

Park Hyatt Hamburg

Excited first meeting with my second home!

Even though I love to live in Copenhagen, there’s something about getting away once in a while. 2-3 days away are usually enough for me to wind down completely – just changing the environment and escape the daily routines make me relax. And when returning to Copenhagen, I’m filled with new inspiration and energy, top motivated to try making a positive difference in other people’s lives, and continue the process of making my hopes and dreams come true. And now I’ve got a new dream: To have a brief stay at my second home Park Hyatt Hotel once a month, go there alone, or with family or friends, just to enjoy and celebrate life.

Hamburg is only a 4 hours and 32 minutes relaxing train ride from Copenhagen Central Station, tickets by DSB from DKK 249 one way. And did you know, kids go for free when they travel together with their parents or grandparents – well done, DSB

Park Hyatt Hamburg is located in the middle of Mönckebergstraße shopping street, only 500 meters from Hamburg Main Station.

Park Hyatt Hamburg entrance

Photo: Park Hyatt Hamburg

And what a treat! The elegant luxury hotel showed me what true luxury is put into practice:

Luxury isn’t just a gourmet restaurant, a gorgeous spa, a bar serving great tasting drinks, roomservice, a bed so comforting you don’t want to leave it, a dressing table with loofah massage sponge, L’Occitane products and makeup necessities like cotton pads, Q-tips, a spacious suite with iron and umbrella – just in case – and Nespresso machine, so you can make yourself a cup of coffee and then hurry back to the lovely bed again… although Park Hyatt Hamburg offers all of that (too).

a-g Park Hyatt Hamburg

Waking up in Hamburg: What a great morning

The true luxury wasn’t all of the great things mentioned in the above, you need to add the excellent service performed by the Park Hyatt Hamburg staff. Like the roomservice – always with a smile.

Imagine when you have a need, and it’s noticed and taken care of immediately. Like in the hotel restaurant – which by the way serves a fabulous breakfast – I was just about to think I’d like some more coffee. Before I had finished the thought, a sweet waiter pours more coffee into my cup! My water glass as well as the wine glass was also never empty, always filled up by the pleasant staff.


Thank you for your warm hospitality – auf wiedersehen, Park Hyatt Hamburg.






Park Hyatt Hamburg
Bugenhagenstraße 8
20095 Hamburg
Telephone +49 40 3332 1234

Booking & prices

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… and make sure to book an outstanding exceeding-expectations guide: Tomas Kaiser, world’s greatest and most pleasant knowledgeable tourist guide in Hamburg, speaks excellent English – email him or call him at +49 170 / 232 77 49

Guide Hamburg

Christian and Regitse, lovely company – and our superb guide

Park Hyatt Hamburg - My Luxury Second Home, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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