Ouch – Wiola’s guide to Copenhagen Istedgade!

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Wiola at Istedgade

LOL and ouch – co-blogger Wiola really catches trendy Istedgade – AND my diva personality with her sharp blog pen here (:

Read on…

It took me some time to make an appointment with the star of the Copenhagen’s blogosphere: Copenhagen Blonde. This woman from Norway fascinated me, how she just strolls through Strøget with her camera and just like that chat with people, photographs and ask questions: “Where do you buy your clothes, where do you go out to hang out with your friends”.

So if you spot her on the street and if she finds you well dressed be prepared for some pictures and have answers for this questions ready!

I was wondering also if by chance I could snatch some of her fame, maybe she would like me, recommend me? It happened that Copenhagen Blonde was pretty busy and her schedule was booked all summer, but she said to me: „Wiola, don’t worry, I’ll send you my intern.” Intern, she has an intern! …

Read and see more: Wiola (right) and my intern’s The Entire Guide to trendy Istedgade – click here

Sweet and naughty girls at Istedgade

Peace & Blog Love,

Ouch - Wiola's guide to Copenhagen Istedgade!, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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