One Stylish Man: The BMW Perspectives of Alfredo Häberli at Danish Museum of Art & Design

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spheres alfredo haberli

Love it. Alfredo made me this drawing

Retro post: Yesterday I enjoyed the pre-opening of the SPHERES exhibition at Danish Museum of Art & Design – open from May 13th until August 21st 2016.

alfredo haberli danish museum of art and design

We were blessed to have the industrial designer himself show us around; and Alfredo Häberli is indeed an authentic man. A living proof of “Precision and Poetry”, which he has designed so beautifully for BMW, challenging the traditional mindset of the car industry.

One of Alfredo’s suggestions is to design cars inside out. That is, starting with the interiors and then work towards the outside of the car.

My first impression was his impeccable outfit. Then from the first second of the guided tour, his passion for his work. Being Swiss Argentinian, Alfredo revealed his Latino genes by sharing his knowledge not only verbally, but also using his entire body to explain and enlighten us. Quite inspiring.

Alfredo’s work here is a journey to familiar places and imaginary spaces. He explores vision and reality, giving new meaning to the luxury of mobility.

Don’t take my word on it – go and see for yourself. An additional bonus is the beauty of Alfredo’s thin lines and rich images, leaving my mind subtle and inspired – still lingering today.

SPHERES – Perspectives in Precision and Poetry for BMW, designed by Alfredo Häberli
Danish Museum of Art & Design
Bredgade 68
Read more on their website

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alfredo Häberli


One Stylish Man: The BMW Perspectives of Alfredo Häberli at Danish Museum of Art & Design, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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