On Cycle Chic today: Cool Copenhagen dudes in Studiestræde

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Copenhagen Latin Quarter

Yesterday I was preparing the Friday guest post for Copenhagen Cycle Chic. And at first I wanted it to happen about my best photos from Copenhagen Latin Quarter.

In the process I found one photo after another with… great looking dudes! So – the post finally turned out to happen about…

Hot Copenhagen guys in Latin Quarter – read the entire post here

You have a fab weekend :)

Peace & Blog Love,

CanovapakkenPs. Maybe you’re the winner of Italian specialties from canova.dk? Click here and find out by today (O;

Speaking of Latin Quarter – here’s one of my favorite latina actresses, in a new and beautiful commercial:

On Cycle Chic today: Cool Copenhagen dudes in Studiestræde, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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