OMG: My New Blogger Bicycle from Velorbis of Copenhagen

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Dejlig å være norsk i København

Oh holy Copenhagen Lifestyle – what a beauty(!)!

I’ve just ordered this customized luxury version of a Victoria Balloon aka so-lovely-on-wheels, in the Velorbis of Copenhagen flagship store at Nørre Farimagsgade. In March it will arrive on my blog crib doorstep in Inner City Copenhagen. I’m so excited :)

CopenhagenThe difference between the Lady in Red which I’m using right now (left) – and the one I’ve just ordered, is for one that it’s not all red. Oh yes, it’s still mostly bright Dannebrog red, like in the Danish flag, but also a straight forward and honest tribute to my Norwegian roots, with the beautiful blue color in the rim.

Secondly, the new one will be with balloon tires. Looking forward to that. I’ve been confirmed the bicycle won’t be slower due to the new kind of tires. What’s important is to make sure the tires are always filled with air.

… and here comes the best part: You can have it, too <3

Velorbis of Copenhagen have been so kind to dedicate this specially designed version to CPH BLONDE only – I’ve decided to name it “Norway meets Copenhagen” – and I’ve also  decided you readers should have the opportunity to ride it, too.

So, I’ve made a deal with them: You lovely readers will be able to order it here on my blog – that is, on my blog only.

Dejlig å være norsk i KøbenhavnAbout the Norway Meets Copenhagen bicycle
A luxury customized version of the classic Victoria Balloon.
Perfect for tackling bumpy roads and curbs, the Victoria Balloon commuter bike is very robust and hard-wearing. The upright retro bike comes complete with the luxurious Velorbis brown leather saddle and Velorbis leather mud flap. Read more about the classic Victoria Ballon
Oh – including the extras:
Special customized blue color in the rim of the tires
Alu basket
Prop stand
Back rack
Leather hand grips

Price: NOK 14.750/DKK 11.600/€ 1.555.

The price is without transportation. You can pick up your new bike at the Velorbis store in Copenhagen – for free, of course. If you need transportation, to anywhere in the world, please write us, tell us your address and country, and we’ll find a price.

How to order: Write us here, and we’ll return to you as soon as possible.

Alright, friends, now I need to close the blog crib for today. On my way to Schønnemann and a classic Danish lunch – with smørrebrød and the like. Enjoy your weekend :)

Peace & Love,


Ps. Expect a report on the blog by the beginning of next week… :


OMG: My New Blogger Bicycle from Velorbis of Copenhagen, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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