OMG – my blog shop is hereby declared open!!

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Extraordinary blog post

Been looking SO much forward to this: To share my favorite products with you. So many of you have asked me where I get this, where I get that…

For instance my Lady in red Velorbis bike. Almost being a part of me now; I use it all the time. And especially after it’s become free of charge bringing your bike with you in the Copenhagen trains. No hassle first having to buy a bicycle ticket, or fiddling with locking my bike safely at the train station, not catching my train… now just flying into the train on wheels!

Check out the Dannebrog Lady in red Velorbis bicycle in the shop

If you would love such a bike too, but don’t feel comfortable with buying the Dannebrog Velorbis bike instantly in the shop; I know it’s a big decision/investment :D, please feel free to email me for any questions.

And then there’s the beauty care… I just love products that have an effect. Products that make my face glow – and keep me looking younger than my real age ;) Well, at least I don’t want to look older than I really am, so I have chosen to share my skin care helper No. 1 in the shop: Murad’s Get Glowing Kit. After just one application I felt now my skin really gets what it needs, lots of moisture and glow.

Check out the Murad Get Glowing Kit in the shop

Well, that’s all for now. And SO much looking forward to hearing YOUR opinion on the use and value of my selected products. Just email me – would love to hear from you!


Wishing you a Fabulous Day,



















OMG - my blog shop is hereby declared open!!, 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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